Our mission is made possible by a network of dedicated, energetic and generous 奥斯丁ites.


The 300+ active and dedicated volunteers deliver 97% of programs and services to clients and provide image consulting, career consulting, mentoring, as well as assist staff as program speakers, administrative support and community outreach. The mission of DFSA could not be accomplished without the generosity of its volunteers.


Mia Johns Laurie Annear Candy Cantrell
Executive Director Interim Development Director Volunteer & Inventory Manager
Hibah Siddiqui Teal Garth Amanda Miller
Program & Administrative Assistant Communications Manager Programs Manager

Board of Directors

Executive Committee
President – Erin Kurusz
Vice President – Elizabeth Hadley
Treasurer – Sarah Wasaff
Secretary – Bethany Allee
Caren Burbach Andrea Nicholas
Teri Evans Diane Ramos
Paula Harmon Trena Robinson
Velincia Jones Tom Thornton
Lisa Lucero  

Emeritus Board

椅子 – Bobbi Dangerfield

Nan Beaird

Linda Burgess

Kellie Duhr

Dania Shaheen Gutterson

Lisa Kaufman

Ellen Sauer

Mary Tipps

Leslie Ward

Wendolyn Washington

Circle of Impact

Learn more about Dress for Success 奥斯丁’s networking and giving circle 在这里.

Dominique McLeggan-Brown, President
Karen Stevens, Vice President
Faye Dedrick, Treasurer
Mary Anne Griss, Secretary
Carol Urton, Development 椅子
Candice Ferrales, Government 椅子
Sara Al-Hardan, Events 椅子
Jaima Russell, Communications 椅子