"I felt like a superstar!"
—Elicia, 奥斯丁, 美国
I was hurt by the layoff and growing more despondent every day. Dress for Success helped me regain my natural optimism. They seemed to see something special in me that nobody else at the time did.
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"Dress for Success has helped me return to my dreams and passions"
—Janus, 奥斯丁, 美国
I was in very good hands with my Dress for Success volunteer, who helped me to accept my curves as beautiful, as well as dress me in a way that felt really “me.”
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"I was more than pleasantly surprised!"
—Kalissia, 奥斯丁, 美国
The feeling that day gave me was so important to my recovery as a battered woman.
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"I Always Get Welcomed Back with Open Arms"
—Linda, 奥斯丁, 美国
Dress for Success is empowering and keeps us "suited" up for a career and gives us the knowledge and confidence we need to grow.
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"It Turned Out to be One of the Best Days"
—Harolyn, 奥斯丁, 美国
At my age, I have learned that one must keep themselves relevant in the workplace in order to be marketable and employable, and Dress for Success has helped me do both.
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"Dress for Success 奥斯丁 was T在这里 for Me"
—Diana, 奥斯丁, 美国
The warm welcome that I got from the staff made my journey through your program motivational and a good learning experience.
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"Thank you, Dress for Success 奥斯丁."
—Laurie, 奥斯丁, 美国
The attention and encouragement that I received during my visits to Dress for Success were so uplifting. I count my visit to your organization as one of the pivotal turning points on my road to rebuilding my life.
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"The Army taught me skills I'll use throughout my life and the wonderful staff and volunteers at Dress for Success 奥斯丁 gave me hope."
—Zola Amani Clark (Dress for Success 奥斯丁)
"Even though we help empower women, I feel empowered too. The volunteeers are so encouraging. It's amazing, the things that can happen and how we can feel when we foster an environment that cultivates empowerment."
—Rachel (Dress for Success 奥斯丁 Volunteer)